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Better Manufacturing Solutions through Open Standards and Free Software

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Design, Development and Implementation of Low Cost Manufacturing Execution Solutions. Collaborative research, design, implementation, optimization and support of standard manufacturing solutions and practices in distributed manufacturing environments worldwide. Identification of design patterns, application of standard modules, interfaces and components, to; leverage reusability, reduce downtime and promote applicable standards. Development of EDI applications with automated data integrity control and notification mechanisms. Prepare standard scenarios for rapid deployment or migration of assembly stations. Virtual environments utilization and source control techniques in requirements-prototype-test-release cycle development process. Design and/or transformation of Manufacturing Execution System(s) using unified standards approach. Enable flexibility in adaptation to change(s) and further stabilization trough highly reusable components and interfaces. Automatic/Semi-Automatic recovery and exception handling mechanisms with self-explanatory messaging. Modeling manufacturing assembly instructions scenarios for execution engines. Enablement of multiple manufacturing entities participate in cross-contribution development process. Promotion of open standards and protocols. Over 16 years of experience in Information Technologies, business manufacturing systems and controls fields. Design, development and integration of industrial automation, error proofing and production systems, Database design and programming, Quality Control, Data reporting and analysis, Programming languages, Industrial networks, and networking architectures, EDI , ERP & MES systems, Warehousing systems, Web development, TCP/IP Sockets programming, Communication interfaces, Industrial control, PLC/PC-based control, Tool controls, RFID, Visual inspection and Project Management.

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